this is fact, not fiction

...for the first time in years

Julie ♥
30 March
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____moi . . dramatic. bliss. depression. sexy. complaints. insanely sane. in pain. in love. spunky. meek. smart. amusing. blonde. that's the way i do it. they can make me. break me. if they want they can chase me. love me. hate me. i don't care anymore . .

____loving . . the o.c. gossip girl. eyeliner. chocolate. rpging. making out. movies. clothes. and very sexy boys.

____not so much . . sluts. backstabbers. conceit. lies. fizzy drinks. tuna. anyone who gets in the way of ryan and marissa or seth and summer.

it's all about me. and my life. and my drama. or lack thereof. i can't stop talking about my shows, and i try to keep up, but i usually fail. i like almost anyone. try me.

you can take it all away . . i don't need it. underneath, i'll still be
t     h     e        s     a     m     e.
do you see me?